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0-6 Pack ABS
The Amazing ABS Solution
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                   Full Review-Most Recommended Exercise  & Fitness Guide #1

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1. 0-6 Pack ABS
Everything you need to shrink your waistline and get toned or even 6-pack abs is contained in this easy-to-use NEW system we call... 0-6 Pack Abs!
The 0-6 Pack Abs System – What is It?

The 0-6 Pack Abs System is a new kind of training manual designed to give you the enviable six-pack abs within the shortest time possible. According to claims by the author, 0-6 Pack Abs offers unique workout techniques for abs that guarantee results. If you’ve been working hard in the gym to get your body chiseled up, you probably know that abs are the hardest part to work. What’s more, you’ve probably been doing the ‘wrong’ workouts for abs, particularly crunches. Fact is crunches are outdated now and if you’ve been putting in hours and hours in the gym doing these traditional workouts, it’s time you changed. As you will find out in the review, creating attractive abs takes ingenuity and creativity in the way you work out. This is basically what this program tries to illustrate. The 0-6 Pack Abs is a product of Tyler Bramlett, a fitness guru who runs a successful fitness website along with other fitness projects. He was assisted by Dr. Vegher, an expert physical therapist with over 20 years of experience. Together, they devised a unique training method that works the core muscles of the abdomen, leading to well defined six pack abs.
About Tyler Bramlett and Dr. Vegher

0-6-pack-abs-Tyler-BramlettDr. Vegher is a physical therapist with over 20 years’ experience. He had developed some ab exercises that re-educates the core muscles, which is exactly what Tyler was looking for. With Tyler’s experience creating programs and Dr. Vegher’s experience creating stronger abs, they have created this program to help others use these ab exercises at home. Tyler Bramlett knows fitness. He runs a fitness website that gets a lot of traffic every month. He is a personal trainer. Moreover, he created three different fitness programs that have all seen a high level of success. His discovery of this method only came through a series of events after his wife gave birth to his daughter. He wanted to help his wife get back into shape, but his techniques were not working, so he looked for an answer and found Dr. James Vegher, and that’s where he learned about this method.
What’s Inside The 0-6 Pack Abs System?

Unlike many workout programs on the market, 0-6 Pack Abs is delivered and a video and MP3 guide designed to help you master some proven exercises that work your abs. The program opens with a quick start guide that helps you master the theory behind the workout techniques used in the rest of the guide. The quick start guide also provides you with the requirements you need to start using the program. The 0-6 Pack Abs program also comes with a generous bonus package comprising a series of videos, MP3s, and manuals for more than 50 added workouts. These bonuses will help you enhance your results even further so that you go to new heights. There is also a complete video library comprising all the workouts you need to learn and master. They’re all in HD quality video format. Much of the other sections of the program focus on teaching you the foundation of the core technique of the 0-6 Pack Abs training program. You will then learn how to build on that foundation and create the abs you desire. There are 4 different levels through which the program runs. All levels come with a manual, video, and MP3 narrations to help you master the workouts no matter where you are or your preferred learning mode. Levels are progressive and each level builds on the previous one. Each workout only takes a couple of minutes to complete and that makes working put with this manual very easy for anyone who wants to achieve perfect six pack abs. 

Tyler Bramlett and Dr. Vegher has tons of testimonials on his site praising his workout routines, which is just testament to the effectiveness and the ease of the exercises. You can order the basic edition for $39  PLUS All The Bonuses (Worth Over $419!)

All in all this is one of the best workout routines in existence and it get's our higest rating of 5 stars.

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                      Full Review - Recommended Exercise and Fitness Guide #2

Overall Rating:

2. The Amazing ABS Solution
The owner of this program Yuri Elkaim. The Amazing ABS Solution focuses in Diet and Fitness programs. It is The Ultimate Weight Loss Answer.
The amazing abs solution is stacked with the video guide and PDF format, designed to take care of your demand. It’s not just about a flat stomach, but it's also about the health as a whole. Each exercise provided in this guide works inside the muscle and help you create most extreme results.
This guide is about the art of shaping, sculpting and outlining your fantasy body, starting with your stomach workout.

The Amazing Abs Solution is a 24 week program, designed to strengthen your core, sculpt your ABS, burn your belly fat, gives you physical energy and boost your mind by using a technique called metabolic compounding. A metabolic compounding is a transformative process that happens inside your body, activated only by executing a certain exercise that targets your deeper core muscles. Each workout is a great way to induce the fat loss.

The amazing abs solution program is split into different sections and divided into three phases- Build, Sculpt, and Burn.  Almost all the workouts provided in this system are a range from 16 to 37 minutes, consisting an advice of aerobic exercise, high-intensity interval workouts and healthy diet- consisting healthy fats, protein, fresh vegetable and fruits.
You can order the basic edition for $39  PLUS All The Bonuses (Worth Over $150!)
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                    Full Review - Recommended Exercise and Fitness Guide #3

Overall Rating:

3. ABSAnity
12 Week Get Ripped Guide Designed By Pro Fitness Model And Transformation Coach Amer The Hammer. Absanity Has Worked On Hundreds Of People Worldwide

Wishing to have a rock star body with ripped six to nine pack abs? You don’t have to lose your sane to get the built of your dreams because it will be so easy with the new Absanity Program. This power training program is developed by Coach Amer Kamra the Hammer. Wonder why he was called the Hammer? Well, you should see that gladiator physique of his that will surely make your jaw drop. He is an award winning personal trainer, the youngest WBFF pro fitness model in the world, a motivational coached and an author. He wrote already wrote two published fitness books and he was also named “Personal trainer of the year “last 2010 by World Physique Magazine.

So are you ready to get shredded in twelve weeks? Then grab your copy now of Absanity, prepare for the life changing journey to achieving your goal of having a lean, strong and well built body. You will gain access to 13 videos with 3 phase nutritional and workout programs, cardio plan, supplement plan and fat shredding tips, tricks and motivation. You don’t have to undergo the boring and repetitive routine of or single body part split exercise or measuring and weighing food, you don’t have to starve anymore. The Absanity course will offer you a High Intensity Power training System or HIPT to make it short. This is a three phase system that will make use of workouts, reps ranges, rest time and training methods. All it will ask of you is your dedication to follow religiously all the HIPT instructions because it is structured to provide maximum fat loss and muscle growth at the same time.

Furthermore, the program is very user friendly and detailed, no complicated instructions, routines and long workouts. No need to hurry to the gym and pay thousands of dollars for membership because you can always start anytime and anywhere at your own comfort and convenience. The program is easy to download and it can go with your thumb drive, Smartphone and PC. Best of all Absanity is very affordable for only less than thirty dollars! I highly recommend that you give it a try as soon as possible after all; you are also protected with the hundred percent money back guarantee policy without questions asked if you will not see any results within sixty days, this is the perfect time for you to see for yourself.

Lastly, forget about the myths of losing weight by fat burner pills, diuretics and teas or not eating three hours before going to bed, these are not true and healthy and Absanity will not make you do all these. Instead, this program will make you improve your functionality; you can eat variety of foods, enjoy working out and most of all enjoy life. Forget what you were always told that aiming for a lean sexy body is hard and difficult, this is so untrue. Just have patience and courage, bear in mind that you can do it just like other people. Show them that you can stay ripped and sexy all year round.

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